Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The New Story

Annabeth and Thalia's big day

The world span- first upside-own then right way up again- as Thalia and her best friend Annabeth turned cartwheels in her front yard. Bag-pipe (her black Scottie) ran in circles trying to catch his tail. Suddenly a noisy truck came up. A man came out and put up a colorful notice that read:

                                           GYMNASTICS COMPETITION!
                                           FOR YOUNG GIRLS THAT CAN
                                           DO A CARTWHEEL
                                           DO A ROUND OFF
                                           DO A HANDSTAND
                                           FLIP ON A TRAMPOLINE
                                           FLIP ON A BAR
                                           SIGN UP BY THE 4th JUNE
                                           9:00 SIGN UP TOMORROW
                                           YVONNE LANE GYMNASTICS HALL
                                           PRACTICING IS EVERY DAY

Annabeth let out and exited yell "Thalia, let's do this. The end of signing up is tomorrow let's go tomorrow!" 
"O.K Laurel, calm down, we need to think this through." Thalia sighed.
"Never mind that, let's think it through"
The two girls sat down on the grass. "I think that it would be a good idea to sign up" Annabeth breathed
"Because we are really good at all of those things and I bet we might win!"
"There is no point..." Thalia started 
"Yes there is" Annabeth interrupted "We could win!" 
" In staying here, let's practice" Thalia finished.
"Let's go then"

The girls walked slowly to Yvonne Lane Gymnastics Hall as they munched their breakfast bars. The door came closer into view and the girls were soon inside it. The hall barely had any girls in it. Most of the girls Thalia and Annabeth knew, but some they did not. They new girls called Zoe (their other best friend), Poppy, Daphne,Laurel, Brittany, Ally and Francesca. The two girls met new girls called Sarah, Winnie, Sandra and Daisy. Only those thirteen girls signed up. Each girl took it in turns showing their skills. The adult running it was called Kiera and she said that Annabeth, Thalia and Zoe were three of the best girls. 

The girls all practiced for days until the competition was one day away! "Now girls remember that you are a team against six other teams, we are competitors for our village Sandy bay! The other six villages are Aplington, Solian, Trapnoringsus, Indiparts, Maltor and Doringbun! remember sportsmanship." Kiera told them. There was a load of chatter as they left the hall that day. Thalia, Annabeth and Zoe Followed the end of the line. "I just know our team will win" Zoe whispered out of anyone else's earshot.

The big day came and  everyone entered the hall. Today each team had to wait in a different area of the hall. then a voice came on loudspeaker, it was the judge "Hello young girls I will introduce each team. We have Sandy bay in the corner over there!! We have Solian over by the left wall!! We have Aplington in the opposite corner to Sandy bay!! We have Trapnoringsus by the right wall!! We have Maltor in the far end left corner!! We have Indiparts in the opposite corner to Maltor!! Finally we have Doringbun by the far end!! Now play fairly. We are doing Cartwheels first." he finished speaking and Kiera went onto the stage. "Can we please have Amilie Basset from Solian team" 
Amilie walked up onto the stage and did a cartwheel. the judge gave her a five.
"Sally Corosponse from Aplington team"
Sally spun and got a seven.
"Brittany Frie from Sandy bay team"
"Nine points!"

To be continued...

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