Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The New Puppy

This is my monthly story:

                                                   The new puppy
Once upon a time there were two little boys called Eagle and Egg. Eagle was 7 and Egg was 3. One day they were playing with a ball and Egg said:
"hey, why don't we get a puppy"
"oh yes" said Eagle
So Eagle and Egg went to a farm with puppies for sale. They were English Springer Spaniels.
"Let's get this one" said Eagle.
"O.k" said Egg.
So they  bought it and brought it home. When they got home they figured that it was a girl so they called it Pip. The boys went to the pet store with a list. Here is what they were going to buy:

1 bone
2 balls
1 bed
1 bag of dog food
2 packs of mess bags
1 tube of dog tooth paste (liver flavor)
1 dog tooth brush
1 tub of dog treats
1 collar (saying Pip)
1 lead

It was a big list and it was a lot of money. As soon as they got home they went to play with Pip.
"she is so cute" said Egg.
" oh yes" said Eagle.


  1. Liver-flavored tooth paste? Pip must REALLY have dog breath!

  2. New puppies are so much fun. Enjoy!

  3. Lovely story - doesn't mean you are getting another pet though!